Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Time heals everything???

31 this year.. got a hubby, a daughter and excess baggages all around my always round chubby bod. Facing so much problem, having so much life experience and think I'm mature enough.. Guess what? I'm not mature enough yet.. or on the other hand.. does everybody else think they mature enough.. Think really, really hard right now..

If somebody who really dear, really, really dear to you make your heart bleeds in a very very very own mean, cunningless action.. do you ever have a heart to forgive and forget? In my case, no.. I have a very hard time to forgive and forget what people did to me. Someone maybe easy to forgive but hard to forget. In my case.. Hell No!! Forgive and forget must come together.. what's the meaning of saying "Yes, I forgive you but no.. I'm not forgetting the deeds you did". If you truly forgiving someone just let the past be the past tense please... Am I immature if I refuse to forgive and forget?

If somebody who nice to you but use the knowledge for their own advantage.. will you let it past as long as both of you make peace for the world to see? Hell No!!! I'm never make it as a past tense. It's make me freak out more if the person willing to sit near me in fear the person might use the opportunity to gain something.. am I being immature to freak out?

A friend of mine approach me last week... asking me to really try to mend and make peace.. but how to do that if the person always being a coward.. rely on technology to blast me, to hurt so many people with the tongue.. to stir fury among colleagues with words.. did the goods past we share before this is just like a feather in the wind for this person? am I being immature for cannot let it go?

If I could never smile.. if I always feels anger when I facing this kind of person.. am I being a immature old woman?

Once bitten twice shy is never the case here... it's more likely once bitten is enough already!

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