Sunday, February 28, 2010

The tales of a birthday, cake & a watch

It's a day to remember... basically from this year, Mr Fadhlyzal couldn't claim he is young anymore. At 33, he cannot reverses his age to be 23.. last year he could claim he's only 23 not this year and next year and so on.

He has to wait until he become 42 to claim his age is 24 but of course, when the time come nobody will believe he is 24... hahahaha padan muka.

Happy birthday my dearest.... hope our love will blossom everyday in our life together....

The birthday : he's 33 this year

The cake : I went to Sg Wang (all branch - Jln Besar, Jln Mahkota & Jln Gambut) all of them decline to draw the logo.. pemalas.. they offer me sugar printed.. no way!!!!! Sugar printed cake is way to lame nowdays and sometime the colour is blurry.... make we want to yell to the cake girl... Luckily for me, D'Shaza Bakery agree to do their best to draw the logo... thanks to the cake boy, very sweet and cute boy (and most important, the cake shop is Halal & Toyyiban). He keeps apologized to me if the drawing not as my expectation but for 'buta seni' like me, the cake is great. The taste is great also... planning to order Powerpuff Girl cake for Alya....

The watch : this is the most tiring task for 'the day' I've done... the birthday boy is way so pinicky so I have to cancel my intention to surprise him... instead I dragged him to the watch shop for him to choose by himself... so pinicky but luckily he found 'The One'. Phewww!!!! Nasib baik laaa....

"PINICKY" Translation : loosely translates from Italian word - very fussy one... EP taught me so much Italian words :wink: : wink:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The future Mrs Arif


She becomes The Future Mrs Arif!!!!! Congrats to her!!!

A sneak peak :

OTW to the event, stumble across this :- LOL

Boleh jalan tau benda ni...

Ok, continue to the real deal....

Here is Mr Arif with his future Mrs in pink glory

What the story with the toethumb Mar... ? LOL

The seal of engagement come with this two baggage... kidding, Alya posing with Deeda with the future husbendth and wifey.... notice the same feet distance Arif made during pose.. he manage to mantain the feet distance for 2 hours (kidding kidding)

P/s : Alya came out with two question :-
1) Abg Arif tu pengantin lelaki ke, mama?
Answer : taklah, bakal pengantin
continue with another link question :-
1.a) Kenapa dia tak jadi pengantin terus?
Answer : dia tak bawa duit ribu2 lg (Alya want to ask again Deeda ask her to play
again) Phewww!!!!

2) ooooo jadi Abg Arif dan Kak Mar tu belum kawin laa yer?
Answer : Yup
continue with link question
2.a) Jadi kena panggil dia abang laa yer?
Answer : Yup, sorry Epul, you the only one called 'pakcik'.. doesn't change anything

So, to Mr Arif and Future Mrs Arif, congrats again.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally.. Julie is here

Here's the thing... long-long time ago, there's a roomate called JAEWDOM. All 17, fresh & gila2 oh maybe it just me that gila2 on that time.... They finished high school and went to different college....

A few years later, most of them (6 of them actually) already married and have their own family. They miss each other very much but it's hard to make a reunion when everyone having their own commitment. They planning to make a reunion this year.. hopefully, their dream will come true.

Meanwhile, one of Mama's dream come true this evening. Julie, the 'J' from JAEWDOM finally manage to come to my house. I was very excited, so did her. We eat, we talk, we remember the good old days..

Thanks Julie for coming to my house. For others : Ayu : the 'A', Emy : the 'E', Dila : the 'D', Wanie : the 'W' and Ogy : the 'O'.. pls make a date for the reunion.


A pic for today :

After 13 years, hihihi not very bad right? hahahaha

Julie's family

P/s : Adam, nnt add Alya kat FB ok?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A fix of a week

What an epic week for me...

Firstly, I would to thank Snowqueen and Olivia for updated their fics. And Olivia, nice job you done on the BT... but I prefer more goofy Rob you know.. because he is so hillarious in real life.. don't mind the lemony.. maybe a little bit too much for a mormon like me but I'm open to everything.

Secondly, a million thanks to whoever that leaked the stills.. so much everything at everywhere... the forum is still crash upon the stills and who doesn't... I figure the hand, the mouth, the hip could gain their own Oscar... they're live own their own, I guess....

Thirdly, I fix another infatuation with fic and guess what, Wallbanger is so hillarious make me LMAO... counting for another update...

Fourthly, still hoping to catch a glimpse of our fav couple during BAFTA.. come on, we only human. We could dream, right.

Lastly, where the hell is June?? The stills make me eager...

Friday, February 12, 2010

MOTU - another fic, another addiction

Congratulate to me.. I finished all 67th Chapter of EP (Emancipation Proclamation) last week... waiting for update from the author... :D.

Found another fic (thanks to Lins again) entitled MOTU (Master of the Universe). At first, my mormon mind couldn't accept the plot. The word's 'dom', 'sub', 'BDSM', 'Red Room' make me dizzy. Like I'm did when I read EP, I apply the same technic for MOTU. Go deep behind those words.

Behind those un-mormon plots, I found the beauty of the story. To know someone so out of real world but learning to be normal is already heart-wrenching. To know he finally found someone who saw him behind the whole 'dom' thing make me melt. At the end, we are the same like those character. We try hard to believe someone, we open our heart and soul to the one we think we truly know but to be heart-broken at the end. We try so hard to block ourselves from be heartbroken but eventually, we found someone who manage to make us vulnerable again.

Two thumbs up. Definitely. Waiting update for the 69th Chapter. Drooling all over again.

Meanwhile, I am free to do some baking this week. Hopefully, I manage to bring something for Bro Sam and Bro Nizam. Hahahaha.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

EP - squee-worthy addiction

I'm an ass for a couple of week... I've neglected my sleep, my regular activities even my FB. It's all because of EP.

I started read the fiction maybe around a week ago. Mind you, I could finish Stephen Kings books or Dan Brown fictions in two days for one book.! Don't want to say much about Twilight Saga. Hell yeah! I finished all four books in a week. But EP is longer than others. I try to download the shit and surprise, surprise, it was more than 1000 pages. And I tell you this, once you start read EP, you become addicted. I only sleep for 4 hours a day this week, I've cheated (yeah I cheated), I read it while doing my task at office. And I skipped my lunch because of EP.

The story is way too long but it is way too addicted, yup.. very contagious one.

I promised to bake some cake for my colleagues (yeah it's you Bro SAM and Bro Nizam) but I've failed to do so. EP makes me in 'M' mood always. My back and my ass already sore badly from all the sitting (try to mend it with ping pong but since Kak Zaa injured, I left with no other option). Supposed to start with jalan-jalan keliling IIUM with Pn. Syima this coming Monday. Hope the jalan2 will keep my ass stay intact (hihihihi)

I almost finish (almost!) the reading. I have to finish it, my old friend supposed to visit me this coming CNY. We've not seen each other for 9 years and I'm planning to spend hours with her. But to do so, I must finish my reading otherwise, I'm a mess. I'm trying very hard to finished it. Couldn't help myself. I manage to read until Chapter 60 today, there's another 7 chapter to go but no.. the fiction not end there. It supposed to end maybe on the 70th or more than 70th chapter. That's according to Lins. Right now, the chapter end to 67th but I figure, there will be become more than 70th Chapter. To Kharizzmatik, pls upload another chapter... yup same to you too MOTU author.

To make it worse (or in case of me, make it squee worthly), I've been bombarded with another fiction.. three fiction to be exactly. There's MOTU, HA and WA (maybe I could put aside WA right now). I almost forgot, beside EP, I'm reading BT, BTT and DFTRM but these fiction is not worth reading as EP does to me. Don't get me wrong, all these fic are good.. really good but EP is the best.. the squee worthy.. the tesoro....

Have to stop reading it.. I hate to stop, I don't want to become another late bloomers. Hell yeah! The title itself will freak me out. Yup, I'm a freak right now.. even my hubby seems confuse with the way I reacting to EP. He knows I lurve to read, I will re-read everything I like, he ended marrying me because I'm a bookwormish. But EP is different.
With regret, I have to put EP aside right now. Damn, I almost finish the fiction. Maybe I could sacrifice a couple hours of sleep again tonight. I really want to finish until Chapter 67. Until then, my schedule will be a mess.

Sorry to freak out, buddies. For those who want to know how squee-worthy EP is, feel free to ym me. I give you the link to the fic. Have a good weekend everyone. I'm off to read the EP again (wait I said I want to stop right? I lie, indeed).

Updated : 1036pm 07.02.2010.. finished all 67 Chapter!!!! Yahoooooo!!!!!!