Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally.. Julie is here

Here's the thing... long-long time ago, there's a roomate called JAEWDOM. All 17, fresh & gila2 oh maybe it just me that gila2 on that time.... They finished high school and went to different college....

A few years later, most of them (6 of them actually) already married and have their own family. They miss each other very much but it's hard to make a reunion when everyone having their own commitment. They planning to make a reunion this year.. hopefully, their dream will come true.

Meanwhile, one of Mama's dream come true this evening. Julie, the 'J' from JAEWDOM finally manage to come to my house. I was very excited, so did her. We eat, we talk, we remember the good old days..

Thanks Julie for coming to my house. For others : Ayu : the 'A', Emy : the 'E', Dila : the 'D', Wanie : the 'W' and Ogy : the 'O'.. pls make a date for the reunion.


A pic for today :

After 13 years, hihihi not very bad right? hahahaha

Julie's family

P/s : Adam, nnt add Alya kat FB ok?

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Lieza said...

kawan kak mona dah ade 3 askar... kak mona masih lagi satu??? ekekekeke