Saturday, February 27, 2010

The future Mrs Arif


She becomes The Future Mrs Arif!!!!! Congrats to her!!!

A sneak peak :

OTW to the event, stumble across this :- LOL

Boleh jalan tau benda ni...

Ok, continue to the real deal....

Here is Mr Arif with his future Mrs in pink glory

What the story with the toethumb Mar... ? LOL

The seal of engagement come with this two baggage... kidding, Alya posing with Deeda with the future husbendth and wifey.... notice the same feet distance Arif made during pose.. he manage to mantain the feet distance for 2 hours (kidding kidding)

P/s : Alya came out with two question :-
1) Abg Arif tu pengantin lelaki ke, mama?
Answer : taklah, bakal pengantin
continue with another link question :-
1.a) Kenapa dia tak jadi pengantin terus?
Answer : dia tak bawa duit ribu2 lg (Alya want to ask again Deeda ask her to play
again) Phewww!!!!

2) ooooo jadi Abg Arif dan Kak Mar tu belum kawin laa yer?
Answer : Yup
continue with link question
2.a) Jadi kena panggil dia abang laa yer?
Answer : Yup, sorry Epul, you the only one called 'pakcik'.. doesn't change anything

So, to Mr Arif and Future Mrs Arif, congrats again.

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