Sunday, February 28, 2010

The tales of a birthday, cake & a watch

It's a day to remember... basically from this year, Mr Fadhlyzal couldn't claim he is young anymore. At 33, he cannot reverses his age to be 23.. last year he could claim he's only 23 not this year and next year and so on.

He has to wait until he become 42 to claim his age is 24 but of course, when the time come nobody will believe he is 24... hahahaha padan muka.

Happy birthday my dearest.... hope our love will blossom everyday in our life together....

The birthday : he's 33 this year

The cake : I went to Sg Wang (all branch - Jln Besar, Jln Mahkota & Jln Gambut) all of them decline to draw the logo.. pemalas.. they offer me sugar printed.. no way!!!!! Sugar printed cake is way to lame nowdays and sometime the colour is blurry.... make we want to yell to the cake girl... Luckily for me, D'Shaza Bakery agree to do their best to draw the logo... thanks to the cake boy, very sweet and cute boy (and most important, the cake shop is Halal & Toyyiban). He keeps apologized to me if the drawing not as my expectation but for 'buta seni' like me, the cake is great. The taste is great also... planning to order Powerpuff Girl cake for Alya....

The watch : this is the most tiring task for 'the day' I've done... the birthday boy is way so pinicky so I have to cancel my intention to surprise him... instead I dragged him to the watch shop for him to choose by himself... so pinicky but luckily he found 'The One'. Phewww!!!! Nasib baik laaa....

"PINICKY" Translation : loosely translates from Italian word - very fussy one... EP taught me so much Italian words :wink: : wink:

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