Sunday, February 7, 2010

EP - squee-worthy addiction

I'm an ass for a couple of week... I've neglected my sleep, my regular activities even my FB. It's all because of EP.

I started read the fiction maybe around a week ago. Mind you, I could finish Stephen Kings books or Dan Brown fictions in two days for one book.! Don't want to say much about Twilight Saga. Hell yeah! I finished all four books in a week. But EP is longer than others. I try to download the shit and surprise, surprise, it was more than 1000 pages. And I tell you this, once you start read EP, you become addicted. I only sleep for 4 hours a day this week, I've cheated (yeah I cheated), I read it while doing my task at office. And I skipped my lunch because of EP.

The story is way too long but it is way too addicted, yup.. very contagious one.

I promised to bake some cake for my colleagues (yeah it's you Bro SAM and Bro Nizam) but I've failed to do so. EP makes me in 'M' mood always. My back and my ass already sore badly from all the sitting (try to mend it with ping pong but since Kak Zaa injured, I left with no other option). Supposed to start with jalan-jalan keliling IIUM with Pn. Syima this coming Monday. Hope the jalan2 will keep my ass stay intact (hihihihi)

I almost finish (almost!) the reading. I have to finish it, my old friend supposed to visit me this coming CNY. We've not seen each other for 9 years and I'm planning to spend hours with her. But to do so, I must finish my reading otherwise, I'm a mess. I'm trying very hard to finished it. Couldn't help myself. I manage to read until Chapter 60 today, there's another 7 chapter to go but no.. the fiction not end there. It supposed to end maybe on the 70th or more than 70th chapter. That's according to Lins. Right now, the chapter end to 67th but I figure, there will be become more than 70th Chapter. To Kharizzmatik, pls upload another chapter... yup same to you too MOTU author.

To make it worse (or in case of me, make it squee worthly), I've been bombarded with another fiction.. three fiction to be exactly. There's MOTU, HA and WA (maybe I could put aside WA right now). I almost forgot, beside EP, I'm reading BT, BTT and DFTRM but these fiction is not worth reading as EP does to me. Don't get me wrong, all these fic are good.. really good but EP is the best.. the squee worthy.. the tesoro....

Have to stop reading it.. I hate to stop, I don't want to become another late bloomers. Hell yeah! The title itself will freak me out. Yup, I'm a freak right now.. even my hubby seems confuse with the way I reacting to EP. He knows I lurve to read, I will re-read everything I like, he ended marrying me because I'm a bookwormish. But EP is different.
With regret, I have to put EP aside right now. Damn, I almost finish the fiction. Maybe I could sacrifice a couple hours of sleep again tonight. I really want to finish until Chapter 67. Until then, my schedule will be a mess.

Sorry to freak out, buddies. For those who want to know how squee-worthy EP is, feel free to ym me. I give you the link to the fic. Have a good weekend everyone. I'm off to read the EP again (wait I said I want to stop right? I lie, indeed).

Updated : 1036pm 07.02.2010.. finished all 67 Chapter!!!! Yahoooooo!!!!!!


ibu aliff said...

citer ape best sangat ni?

MonaAFMZ said...

Mmg best.. Aspa.... tp warning.. ada sexual, drug & vulgar word content.. but behind all these.. the story is very well written.

MonaAFMZ said...

Tajuk dia Emancipation Proclamation