Friday, February 12, 2010

MOTU - another fic, another addiction

Congratulate to me.. I finished all 67th Chapter of EP (Emancipation Proclamation) last week... waiting for update from the author... :D.

Found another fic (thanks to Lins again) entitled MOTU (Master of the Universe). At first, my mormon mind couldn't accept the plot. The word's 'dom', 'sub', 'BDSM', 'Red Room' make me dizzy. Like I'm did when I read EP, I apply the same technic for MOTU. Go deep behind those words.

Behind those un-mormon plots, I found the beauty of the story. To know someone so out of real world but learning to be normal is already heart-wrenching. To know he finally found someone who saw him behind the whole 'dom' thing make me melt. At the end, we are the same like those character. We try hard to believe someone, we open our heart and soul to the one we think we truly know but to be heart-broken at the end. We try so hard to block ourselves from be heartbroken but eventually, we found someone who manage to make us vulnerable again.

Two thumbs up. Definitely. Waiting update for the 69th Chapter. Drooling all over again.

Meanwhile, I am free to do some baking this week. Hopefully, I manage to bring something for Bro Sam and Bro Nizam. Hahahaha.

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